Foundations of Faith Mastermind: An Intensive Journey for New Believers

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"Welcome to Your New Faith Journey"

Are you feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about your new path in faith? You're not alone. Many new believers find themselves at a crossroads, eager to grow but unsure where to start. Our “Foundations of Faith Mastermind: An Intensive Journey for New Believers” is here to guide you step-by-step, helping you build a solid foundation and unlock your full potential in Christ. This Mastermind is a perfect complement to the “Sure Step Foundation Guide,” providing deeper insights and practical applications to further enrich your faith journey.

Join us, and transform your understanding and approach to knowing who you truly are as a believer in Jesus Christ!
Why This Mastermind is Essential
Understand Your Faith, Overcome Obstacles, and Grow Confidently

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Mastermind Details

What You'll Learn

Intensive Modules Designed for Your Growth
  • Discover the foundational doctrines of Christianity.
  • Embrace your new identity in Christ.
  • Establish a consistent and fulfilling prayer life.
  • Craft a personalized devotion routine that fits your lifestyle.
  • Identify and overcome barriers like fear, doubt, and past hurts.
  • Strengthen your spiritual armor to face life’s challenges.
  • Tackle common obstacles such as feelings of inadequacy and doubt by understanding the spiritual battles behind them.
  • Gain a foundational understanding of spiritual warfare and how to stand firm against spiritual attacks.
  • Engage with Scripture in a meaningful and practical way.
  • Utilize tools and techniques for in-depth Bible study.
  • Apply biblical principles in your everyday life.
  • Become a living testimony of God's love and power.
  • Learn how to build and maintain healthy, faith-centered relationships.
  • Understand the importance of community in your spiritual growth.
  • Understand your spiritual authority as a believer.
  • Learn how to exercise this authority in your daily life to overcome challenges and advance God’s kingdom.
  • Learn how to share your faith effectively.
  • Understand your role in the Great Commission and how to impact the world for Christ.
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Join a Thriving Community of Believers
You are not alone on this journey. Join a vibrant community of fellow believers who are also on the path of growing in their faith. Engage in discussions, share experiences, and find encouragement and support from a network of like-minded individuals.

Hear from Those Whose Lives Were Transformed

Cynthia M.
Cynthia M.
After my deliverance, the courses helped me stay informed about the things of this world that at one point in my life I thought was normal. It really opened my eyes to see how deceitful the enemy can be. The amount of information their is in the courses is the reason why I started to get closer to Jesus and wanted to learn more and break all the generation curses to be able to teach my kids more about God. If you are are looking for breakthrough these course are definitely recommended. I thank God everyday for bringing PG and PS into my life they are heaven sent🙏🏽♥️.

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Have you been seeking to grow your faith, but still feel like you’re missing a crucial piece of the puzzle? 🔍 Does it seem like you're running in circles, craving a deeper connection with the one true and living God, but not quite getting there?

We understand your struggle. That's why we created the Foundations of Faith Mastermind: An Intensive Journey for New Believers. This is your opportunity to break free from confusion and step into a life of clarity and purpose! 🌟

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frequently asked questions

Still have questions? We’ve got answers…

The Foundations of Faith Mastermind is an intensive 8-week program designed for new believers. It aims to help you build a solid foundation in your faith, overcome spiritual obstacles, and grow in your relationship with God. The Mastermind includes weekly live sessions, interactive community support, and comprehensive teachings on key aspects of the Christian faith.

This Mastermind is specifically designed for new believers who are looking to deepen their understanding of Christianity, overcome common spiritual challenges, and integrate their faith into everyday life. Whether you are just starting your faith journey or have been a believer for a few years, this program is tailored to meet your needs.

The Mastermind covers eight intensive modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to the Christian Faith
  • Module 2: Building a Daily Connection with God
  • Module 3: Understanding Spiritual Warfare
  • Module 4: Studying the Bible Effectively
  • Module 5: Living Out Your Faith
  • Module 6: Navigating Relationships and Community
  • Module 7: Knowing Your Authority in Christ
  • Module 8: Advancing the Kingdom of God

Each module includes practical teachings, biblical principles, and actionable steps to help you grow in your faith.

The weekly live sessions are an essential part of the Mastermind experience. Each session includes:

  • In-depth teachings on the module of the week
  • Group prayers and worship
  • Interactive Q&A sessions where you can ask questions and get personalized guidance
  • Opportunities to connect with other participants and share experiences

Each weekly session lasts approximately 90 minutes. If you miss a session, don’t worry! All sessions will be recorded and made available to participants so you can catch up at your convenience. Additionally, you can access the course materials and engage with the community through our online platform.

We want you to feel confident in your decision to join the Foundations of Faith Mastermind. If you find that the Mastermind is not meeting your expectations within the first two weeks, we offer a full refund. Simply contact us to request the refund. However, we encourage you to fully participate and engage with the sessions and materials, as the true value of the program is experienced through active involvement. Refund requests made after the first two weeks will not be honored, as we believe in the integrity and commitment of our participants to the full 8-week journey.

To register for the Foundations of Faith Mastermind, simply click the registration link provided. You will be guided through the sign-up process, and once completed, you will receive access to the course materials and community platform.

Throughout the 8-week program, you will receive continuous support from our team and your fellow participants. This includes access to our private online community, where you can share experiences, ask questions, and receive encouragement. Additionally, you can reach out to our support team for any technical or course-related assistance.

Absolutely! The Foundations of Faith Mastermind is designed to address a wide range of spiritual struggles, including overcoming fear, doubt, and past hurts, understanding spiritual warfare, and building a strong, daily connection with God. By participating fully, you will gain the tools and knowledge needed to tackle these challenges and grow in your faith.

With open arms and hearts filled with anticipation for your spiritual breakthrough, we welcome you on this life-changing journey.We Thank God for bringing you here, and thank you for the courage to step into your divine calling afforded to you through Jesus Christ!

Welcome to your new beginning.
Greg & Shanah Morehead
Kingdom Alliance Ministries

Founded by Greg Morehead and his wife, Shanah Morehead, after a divine revelation on October 21, 2021, Kingdom Alliance Ministries stands as a beacon of hope and spiritual renewal. Raised in the Pentecostal tradition, Greg's spiritual journey was revolutionized overnight, setting him and Shanah on a divinely appointed mission to confront and dismantle the powers of darkness and generational curses that bind many believers.

In the late hours of that transformative night, under God's direct guidance, Greg awoke Shanah, and together they waged a fierce battle in the spirit realm against demons and principalities. This three-hour spiritual warfare not only confirmed their united front in faith but also ignited their shared purpose to revolutionize the modern church.

Kingdom Alliance Ministries is fervently committed to challenging traditionalism within the church, demonstrating that God's power remains supremely relevant and vital today. With a foundation firmly rooted in Mark 16:17-20, Greg and Shanah equip believers to operate in signs, wonders, and miracles, asserting that these divine manifestations are not relics of the past but accessible realities for the present.

Through personalized mentorship, dynamic group sessions, and powerful church gatherings, this ministry specializes in liberating individuals from spiritual strongholds, facilitating profound healing, and fostering an environment where supernatural encounters with God become commonplace. The teachings of Matthew 9:37-38 propel their efforts, emphasizing the abundant harvest and the critical need for devoted laborers.

Guided by the Holy Spirit, Greg and Shanah are dedicated to not only educating those raised in the church about their spiritual authority but also reaching out to those who have yet to experience God. Kingdom Alliance Ministries is on a global mission to demonstrate the true power and authority of God, offering freedom and victory to all who seek it.

All glory is given to Jesus Christ, through whose power Kingdom Alliance Ministries continues to change lives and advance God's kingdom on Earth. Join us as we journey to break chains, heal hearts, and restore the powerful presence of God in the lives of believers worldwide.

Disclaimer: The Foundations of Faith Mastermind: An Intensive Journey for New Believers is provided for educational and spiritual growth purposes only. While the Mastermind is based on biblical principles, participants are encouraged to seek additional guidance from their church leaders and support systems as needed. Kingdom Alliance Ministries does not claim to provide medical, psychological, or professional services. We have witnessed the true power of God healing individuals and setting them free from demonic activity.By enrolling in this Mastermind, participants acknowledge and agree that any actions taken as a result of the Mastermind content are their responsibility, and they should exercise discernment and caution. All content within this Mastermind is 100% biblical, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, we pray that as you participate in this intensive journey, whatever strongholds or demonic attacks you are dealing with, through the power of Jesus Christ, you will be set free and delivered! Always consult with a professional if you are in a crisis or if you believe you may be dealing with a condition that requires medical or psychological attention.

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